Antti Lahtinen +358 50 3533 455 email: first name dot last name at Helsinki Finland



I´ve been in the business since 1998. My main interest is feature films, but I gladly also do commercial work, short films and music videos. My number one goal is to help the director focus in directing, to create the best possible circumstances and set mood for the actors to perform their best, to help the crew give their best work and get the shoot executed as planned - but better. I like to find the problems in advance and to offer solutions actively.



1st A.D. in feature films and series - (1st A.D. in 21 feature films so far)



Valiojoukko - commercial short film - shot at Helsinki and Los Angeles, Bandfilm

More than 500 finnish commercials and many international ones




International Experience

I speak and write english fluently. Also a little bit of swedish and german, but not really to be used as a work language.

I have worked in feature film productions shot in Estonia, Germany, Prague, Sweden, U.K. and Greece and have done some commercial and tv-work in Spain, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia and the U.S.


Other info and random propaganda

Father of two. Brother of three. I do climbing, sailing, snowboarding, trekking, tour skating, some martial arts etc. and I´ve found all of these skills to be helpful at work too from time to time. I can also handle ski-dos, ATV´s, cars, motorcycles, trucks and motor-boats.